Mt Paran Northside Citizens Association

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Through 28 plus years of service, the Mt. Paran-Northside Citizen Association has developed a legacy of fighting to protect the neighborhood and keep it the wonderful place it is today. Below are some of the major accomplishments of the Association along with links to historical newsletters providing additional details.

Rezoning of 1900 Mt. Paran Rd
1984 – 1991: Attempts to rezone 1900 Mt. Paran Rd were the catalyst for neighbors forming the Association and continued to be a struggle for the first six years of its existence. Over the years, the Association was part of blocking a 150 room hotel, three 7-story office buildings, a 4-level parking deck and a 272 apartment multi-family complex, and a mega church. In the end the Association supported the plan for the development of 25 homes, what we today know as Paran Pointe.
1984: July, August, October | 1985: January, February | 1986: August | 1987: March, May, November | 1988: March | 1992: January, May, October

A Civic Association is Born!
1984: The first annual meeting was held on Nov. 17, 1984 and neighbors elected the first Officers and Board of Directors. That night began a journey that none of us could have imagined as we sought to preserve and protect the residential integrity of our neighborhood!
1984: January

First Edition of the Citizens Review
1985: The Association publishes its first newsletter which serves as one of the main communication vehicles for the neighborhood.
1985: January

I-75/Mt. Paran Southbound Exit Ramp
1997 – 2002: It takes “going to Washington” to stop the GDOT from relocating the I-75/Mt. Paran exit ramp.
1997: February | 1998: June | 2002: August

Sewer Holding Tank at Northside and Broadland
2000: Over a holiday weekend the Association learned of the Department of Public Works was preparing to install a large sewer holding tank in the neighborhood. Through quick action and contacts on the City Council the Association asserted that the impacts to the neighborhood must be considered before installing the tank. Ultimately, the Department of Public Works decided the Buckhead area would be better served by a deep rock tunnel instead of a release sewer box. This analysis never would have occurred if it was not for the Association’s persistence.
2000: May

First Annual Social Event
2000: The Association holds its first annual social event encouraging neighbors to broaden their social relationships in the neighborhood.
2000: June Launches
2005: The Association launches its first website.
2005: June Launches
2007: The Association launches a new version of its website giving neighbors an online platform to communicate with each other.
2007: October

Neighborhood unites to Renovate Fire Station 27
2008-2010: A group of neighbors raise funds and renovate the neighborhood fire station.
2008: September | 2009: October | 2010: March

25th Anniversary of the MPNCA
2009: The Mt. Paran Northside-Citizens Association celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
2009: October

For neighbors who may not be aware of the history of the civic association, we have compiled a historical narrative along with flyers and newsletters spanning the time period from 1984-2011.